Vedic Earth Medicine



Vedic Earth Medicine is the integration of deep Ayurveda and Shamanic practice. In ancient times, Ayurveda focused much less on individual doshas and much more on aligning with individual and cosmic rhythms. In Vedic Earth Medicine we honor this. Our emphasis is on learning how to perceive and align with the rhythms of the seasons and the cosmos. We also explore how to connect with our own innate long-forgotten rhythms. In the ancient Ayurveda practitioners found harmony with inner and out nature and by this found radiant health.

The truth is, if we want to heal we must form relationship with our wounds. We must listen deeply and understand that true healing often means that ‘business as usual’ simply won’t work. In fact, it is just that sort of disconnected living that fosters imbalance and disease. Vedic Earth Medicine is a body of healing practices that reinstate meaningful connection with ourselves, our bodies and all of life.

Our toolbox is substantial. We bring consciousness to our daily and seasonal routine. We learn how to eat as a healing practice that creates balance, energy and radiance. The dietary guidelines we follow are about finding joy in healthful eating, not about being restrictive, fearful or shaming ourselves.

The herbal medicine we practice is about recognizing the healing vibration that plant medicines can offer to humankind. We partner with these sacred herbs to enhance the effects of the medicine.

We also employ healing ritual. Ritual is a dominant factor in human life. However so much of our ritual has become unconscious and destructive. Negative behavior patterns and addictions are a fundamental human energy gone awry. In Vedic Earth Medicine we learn how to employ conscious ritual in our life for cultivating healing and connection.

Fundamentally true health is found by creating connection; connection with one’s Inner Self and with the immense universe that surrounds us. When we live in concert with life, radiant health is the inevitable result.

Inner Wisdom Session

1 hour session, 100$

In our time the Western Medical model is the dominant avenue through which individuals seek resolution to health issues. And though this system saves lives in case of emergency and is filled with dedicated doctors, nurses and other professionals, the system itself is not designed to regard individuals as whole. The problem area or problematic symptom is the focus.

Vedic Earth Medicine is a tradition of healing that utilizes the deep and ancient practices of Ayurveda and Shamanism to heal the whole person. The premise of this medicine is that you cannot truly resolve a symptom or disease without healing the whole person. In these sessions individuals are acknowledged, heard and given support in their healing journey. We have quite a toolkit in this natural medicine tradition and so each person’s recommendations will look different. Often we incorporate working with diet, herbs, oils, yoga therapy and ritual medicine practice.

Vedic Earth Medicine can be used harmoniously in conjunction with Western therapies as well as other alternative and traditional forms of healing. It can also be utilized with great success on its own. Any health condition be it physical, mental or emotional can benefit from implementing these methods.

3-Month Inner Wisdom Ayurvedic Mentoring

One-on-one guidance to reconnect with your inner wisdom. Through my 3-month Ayurvedic nutrition & lifestyle mentoring program, you will….

  • Transform your relationship with food
  • Discover everyday tools for improving digestion & boosting energy
  • Develop a nurturing self-care practice
  • Learn meditation techniques for opening your heart and settling your mind
  • Connect with the seasonal rhythms & lunar cycles of nature & harness to rejuvenate your creative potential
  • Outgrow self-limiting habits & thought patterns
  • Strengthen your intuition & unveil your inner wisdom

What You’ll Receive…

  • In-depth health history consultation
  • 60-minute Ayurvedic counseling sessions twice a month, via phone/skype/in-person
  • Personalized wellness plan with comprehensive steps to guide you towards your health goals
  • Seasonal plant-based recipes & support in meal planning
  • Guided meditations, mindful movement and nourishing self-care practice guides
  • Earth Medicine Energy Work
  • Unlimited email support & accountability throughout your journey
  • Guidance in creating healing rituals to strengthen your sense of connection inwardly and outwardly


Schedule your free 15-minute consultation to learn more about my process, and how we’ll transform your wellness together and customize your program to fit your unique needs: or call: 701.388.2967

Who will benefit from this program?

  • Anyone with persistent health imbalances, low vitality, weight issues who want to engage in a process of active self-healing
  • People who are undergoing moments of transition in life and want to move through that transition more consciously, whether it is menopause, relocation to a new city or a deep change in a major relationship
  • Students of yoga and meditation that want to deepen and strengthen their practice & integrate it more completely with daily living.
  • Anyone who wants to unfold joy, creativity and a sense possibility in life.


Mentorship Package, 800$

Ginger-Kidney Compress Therapy for Deep Rejuvenation in Late Winter

This unique Ayurvedic therapy nourishes the kidneys and adrenals, both of which are more vulnerable in winter season.  It deeply soothes and calms the nervous system while promoting immunity and fostering overall health.

In winter the kidneys and adrenals can easily become depleted, having a systemic effect on our overall health. This therapy has been shown to have a positive effect on osteoarthritis, respiratory conditions, depression, chronic pain of all kinds, acute and chronic inflammation conditions, adrenal exhaustion, bladder issues and liver dysfunction.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind therapy that can help restore balance to the body systems and nurture a feeling of well-being and connectedness.

  • 60-minute Session Includes:
  • Full body Abhyanga (massage with warm herbal-medicated oils)
  • Ginger-kidney compress
  • Herbal adrenal support tea to drink throughout the rest of the day to enhance the effects of the therapy

Available December through March.

Cost: 100$

 Pancha Karma Therapy

All therapies are included in a 2.5 hour session, two-therapist: 325$ 

Full payment is due for sessions cancelled with less than 24 hour’s notice

Pancha Karma means ‘Five Actions’ in Sanskrit and refers to a family of healing therapies meant to restore harmony to the elements and bodily humors (doshas). By restoring this balance the root causes of disease and illness are eliminated. Ayurveda recommends that as part of our observance of seasonal practices we partake in these therapies to enhance the rejuvenation and health of the tissues.

Therapies offered:

Snehana (Abhyangam) is an oil massage using specially prepared herbal-medicated oils. It is an important preliminary therapy that allows the doshas to mobilize and thus be exited from the body. Oil is applied to the entire body with a particular type of massage helping toxins to move towards the gastro-intestinal tract. Snehana makes the superficial and deep tissues soft and supple, thus helping to remove stress and to nourish the nervous system. This therapy relaxes the body and enhances our ability to stay healthy during environmental changes.

Udvartana is a full body exfoliation and lymphatic drainage massage similar to snehana but more invigorating. It uses a specially blended, deeply penetrating herbal paste, made with various organic grains, flours, herbs and oils. This energizing exfoliation treatment conditions, tones and tightens the skin, leaving it feeling fresh, young and silky smooth. It improves the tone of the muscles, enhances blood circulation and eases joint pain. Udvartana presses stagnant lymphatic toxins out of the body and is especially good for weight loss, cellulite and stimulating sluggish circulation and digestion. Udvartana balances Kapha dosha and cleans the skin. It increases the metabolic rate and works mostly on rasa dhatu (lymph), enabling the vayus to flow and activating the nadi system.

Swedana is sudation or sweating therapy and is given following the Snehana. The body is steamed similar to a sauna. An herbal concoction is added to the steam to further loosen the toxins from the individual. Swedana further enhances openings of the pores, flushing out impurities through the sweat glands and increasing the penetration of curative oils and herbs used in therapy. Ancient medical texts compare the body to a dry and brittle stick which, after anointing (snehana) and heating (swedana), regains its suppleness. Oleation and sweating cause long-entrenched toxins to drain into the digestive tract where they are expelled through the eliminatory channels of the body.

Shirodhara is a purifying and rejuvenating therapy in Ayurveda that involves gently pouring therapeutic liquids on the forehead for a specific time continuously and rhythmically allowing it to run over the scalp and into the hair. Shirodhara is a unique form of ancient therapy. The liquid is poured on the forehead from a specific height and for a specific period continuously and rhythmically allowing it to run through the scalp and into the hair. This therapy is also offered as a stand-alone therapy, 90$. Shirodhara has been used to treat a variety of conditions including eye diseases, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, graying of hair, neurological disorders, memory loss, insomnia, hearing impairment, tinnitus, vertigo, certain types of skin diseases like psoriasis, and for relaxation.

Shirodhara has many benefits in as it offers a way to purify and rejuvenate one’s body and soul. Shirodhara helps to remove all the built up harmful elements from the body. It generates energy through the body and helps the nutrients flow freely to the brain of a person, facilitating healing from within. Shirodhara also improves the functions of five senses and helps to stabilize the nervous system of the body. It is proven in helping people get rid of insomnia. Problems such as headaches and hair loss are also treated to great extent following shirodhara. Shirodhara cools the body, promoting greater concentration and relaxation. It has been used over thousands of years to treat eye diseases, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, graying hair, neurological disorders, memory loss, hearing impairment, tinnitus, vertigo and psoriasis.

Nasya is the nasal administration of medication either as herbal-medicated oil or an aromatic smoke. The nose is the doorway to the brain and it is also the doorway to consciousness. An excess of bodily humors accumulated in the sinus, throat, nose or head areas is eliminated by means of the nearest possible opening, the nose. This therapy cleanses and opens the channels of the head, thereby improving the process of oxygenation (prana), which has a direct influence on the functioning of brain. The therapy is beneficial if done on a regular basis, because it keeps the eyes, nose and ear healthy. It prevents the early graying of hair and beard, and helps to relieve migraines, facial, neck and jaw stiffness as well as sinus issues of all kinds.